Abstract Utopias

Generative code. Giclée print 33x48 cm. Edition of 25.

We live in imploding worlds. Shrinking worlds of privacy, perceived security, long term employment and ecological equilibrium. Negating the impossible could the best strategy to navigate these challenging times.

Utopias were contemporary to the birth of artistic abstraction. Kandinsky, Mondrian, Malevich and others, shared with utopians ideals of departure from the status quo. Today, abstract art is more relevant than ever.

With its absence of references to the tangible visual world, abstract art has no story telling anchors, no official narratives. Although challenging and upsetting for some, the contemplation of abstract art offers a great opportunity.

Yes, abstract art does not propose a specific visual problem to solve. In front of an abstract work of art you have to exert the power of choice and imagination to make sense of what you see. You have to select your own problem. Abstract art is not a destination. It's a warm-up for an introspective journey. It is a call to critical thinking through visual stimulation.

Abstract Utopias is a giclée print series conceived as an exploration of algorithmic introspections. Translating oil painting techniques into generative code, Abstract Utopias combines welcoming color harmonies and organic forms with unnatural joints and inconsistent illumination. A visual paradox to invalidate any understanding effort and an invitation to ask new and better questions about yourself and your world.